PIMOSL Low PIM Load and OSL Calibration Kit, 600-6000 MHz

06 Feb, 2024

The RD Microwaves Model CK-A09  PIMOSL, (low PIM load, Open, Short, and resistive Load) is an economical choice for bench or field segment testing of DAS systems for both PIM testing and sweep measurements of insertion loss. Compared to Test Equipment OEM products it is less costly and comes with 4.3-10 or 7-16 DIN connectors in any combination eliminating the need for adapters. For tower and DAS installations it saves significant crew hours, escort hours, and downtime. Along with RD Microwaves’ industry leading product warranty of complete customer satisfaction, the buying decision becomes easy.

5G Installer testimonial: “The top reason I prefer RD Microwaves PIMOSL is that it simplifies what I am sending to the tech on the top of the tower or out at the end of a DAS branch cable. One device, no adaptors!”

CK-A09 calibration kit is a single unit with 40-Watt low PIM termination, a 2-Watt resistive termination, an open, and a short. In addition to the 4.3-10 DIN connectors the PIMOSL is available with female or male Type N or 7-16 DIN connectors. It covers the full commercial wireless bands including 5G CBRS band (3550-3700 MHz) and LAA band (5150-5925 MHz). It is encased in an impact resistant housing and has a convenient D-ring for securing with a clip or provided lanyard. Search for Part number CK-A09 for complete specifications and contact the factory for more information and options available, along with similar products.