Attenuators for Wireless Applications

Low PIM, High Power Attenuators for DAS Systems, Test Sets, Field Tests, and Lab Applications

RD Microwaves designs assembles, and tests all RF low PIM attenuators in New Jersey using high performance directional couplers with the main line terminated with the highest quality low PIM cable. The directional coupler coupled port provides the actual attenuation value for the best possible PIM, accuracy, temperature, and load insensitivity at medium to high power levels for our premium level high power attenuator products intended for precision high power, low PIM amplifier test sets.

DAS system type attenuators are also offered with low cost alternative attenuation design methods to most effectively fit the application.

Described below, are a wide range of attenuator types from a length of cable with predetermined insertion loss at specified frequencies to individual and rack mounted multichannel assemblies.

All units are 100% tested for PIM , return loss, and accuracy over the specified frequency range.

Reflective and forward/thru PIM measurements are available in frequency ranges between 700 and 2600 MHz. High power verification testing and thermal testing is performed as needed.

ProductTypeConnectorsPower (avg W)Start Frequency (MHz)Stop Frequency (MHz)Attenuation (db)
AT-A90Single ChannelNEX1010171021553
DAS-B56Single ChannelDIN, 4.3-10, Nsee PDF35060005-40
AT-A76Single ChannelDIN, 4.3-10200698600030
AT-A81Single Channel4.3-10, SMA501710218020
DAS-A316 ChannelDIN4069838506,10,16,20,30
DAS-B114 Channel4.3-1060698600030
DAS-B144 Channel4.3-105038042006,8,10,15,20,30
DAS-B386 Channel4.3-1040698600030
DAS-B4512 ChannelNEX1020600600020-40
AT-A12Single ChannelDIN, N2507001800011
AT-A17Single ChannelDIN20015060003-20
AT-A39Single ChannelSMA80400180008
AT-A49Single ChannelDIN, N60/10060038503-30
AT-A77Single Channel4.3-1040850130003
AT-A78Single Channel4.3-1010350585010
AT-A824 Channel4.3-1040600600040-50
DAS-A86Single ChannelDIN, 4.3-10, N60/10060042003-30
AT-A60Single ChannelDIN, 4.3-1060/100600600010,15,20,30
AT-A66Single Channel4.3-10200400130008-30
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Single Channel4.3-102504001300010,20,30

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