Couplers for Wireless Applications

Directional Couplers for DAS systems and test applications - all communication frequencies with excellent performance to 18 GHz

The directional couplers listed below are designed and manufactured by RD Microwaves entirely in the USA for a broad range of applications in DAS systems, test sets, laboratory systems, and other applications typically for communications applications particularly where low PIM performance is a priority. Using airline-suspended conductor technologies with patented tapered conductors and housing designs, RD Microwaves can deliver best PIM performance providing low insertion loss, high power, and extremely broadband flat coupling performance. Applications include the use of these couplers in RD Microwave subassemblies for high-power low-PIM broadband attenuators, often used in the production and testing of high-power amplifiers for base stations.

ProductCoupling (dB)Main ConnectorsCoupled PortStart Frequency (MHz)Stop Frequency (MHz)
C1-C986,7,10,13,15,20,30DIN, 4.3-104.3-106984200
C1-A606,8,10,15,20,304.3-10, N4.3-10, N, SMA40013000
C1-C88-XX5 - 304.3-10, N4.3-10, N5556000
C1-C74-XXX5 - 30DIN, 4.3-10, NDIN, 4.3-10, N, SMA3804000

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