Dividers-Splitters for Wireless Applications

RD Microwaves Reactive type splitters are designed and manufactured as multi-port with equal split configurations in the range from 130 to 6000MHz for systems applications. Unequal or Tapper type dividers are listed separately in the Tappers products section. Two, three and four way reactive types are commonly available and two, three,  four, and eight way for Wilkinson types with Type N, 4.3-10, QMA, NEX10, 7-16 DIN and other connector types. Rack mounted assemblies are also available with typical custom models listed in the Subassemblies section. IBWAVE VEX files are available and custom configurations are routinely provided upon request

ProductConfigurationTypeConnectorsStart Frequency (MHz)Stop Frequency (MHz)
D3-A253 WayWilkinsonSMA5006000
D8-A058 WayWilkinsonN, SMA, QMA6982700
D2-B082 WayWilkinsonQMA25004200
D2-A14X2 WayWilkinson4.3-10, N3802900
D2-A05Q2 WayWilkinsonQMA6982700
D2-B01D432 WayReactive4.3-1017106000
D2-A782 WayWilkinsonSMA6106000
D3-A933 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N6006000
D2-A092 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-106002700
D2-A822 WayWilkinsonDIN, 4.3-10, N3505850
D2-A05D43W2 WayWilkinson4.3-106172700
D3-A243 WayWilkinson4.3-10, N, SMA, QMA6982700
D2-A512 WayWilkinsonSMA6982700
D2-A762 WayReactiveN130960
D3-A313 WayReactive4.3-10, N130960
D2-A792 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N3602700
D2-A972 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N3503850
D3-A053 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N6002700
D4-A204 WayWilkinsonN3802900
D2-A652 WayWilkinson4.3-10, N, SMA5006000
D4-A094 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N6002700
D4-A934 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N3506000
D2-A022 WayReactiveN3802500
D2-A932 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N3806000
D4-A054 WayWilkinsonDIN, 4.3-10, N6982700
D4-A314 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N3762200
D2-A012 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-103802500
D2-A082 WayReactiveN6002700
D3-A213 WayReactiveDIN, 4.3-10, N3762200
D2-A05S2 WayWilkinsonSMA6172700
D2-A05N2 WayWilkinsonN6172700

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