Wireless Custom Subassemblies

RD Microwaves specializes in the design and manufacture of custom subassemblies of passive components using products manufactured “in house’ as well as combining with other suitable components purchased from vendors to best fit the specific application. The following products are a limited list of products that have been produced to order for field use that are available, but are meant to be examples produced to demonstrate a capability.

In all cases to date, custom assemblies have been focused on low PIM applications for DAS systems, DAS system production test sets, and low PIM high power laboratory use. Subsystem functions have included multichannel attenuators, combining, diplexing, filtering networks, and DAS antenna distribution dividing combining whatever passive components are needed for the custom assembly.

Rack mount, field replaceable plug in modules, DIN rack and rail, mobile over the air test boxes, and a wide variety of applications have been supplied on an order by order basis.

ProductDescriptionTypeFrequency (MHz)Mechanical
DAS-A37Divider-CombinerDivider Assembly150-270019" Rack
DAS-A55Divider Combiner Resistive RackDivider Assembly150-270019" Rack
DAS-A72Divider-DC blocked 4 WayDivider Assembly380-2700Tray
DAS-B194X Wilkinson DividersDivider Assembly617-270019" Rack
DAS-B208x4 Hybrid CombinerCombiner-Hybrid Assembly617-270019" Rack
DAS-B524x4 / 2x2 MIMO CombinerCombiner-Filter-Hybrid Assembly1900-2700Wall Mount
DAS-A58Resistive Broadband Low Power Divider AssemblyDivider Assembly88-270019" Rack
DAS-A994 Channel Low PIM High Power AttenuatorsAttenuator Assembly698-600019" Rack
DAS-B13-44X 4x4 Hybrid CombinersCombiner-Hybrid Assembly617-2700Wall Mount
DAS-B7024X 2 Way Power DividersDivider Assembly2500-420019" Rack
DAS-A08Attenuator-Termination-Combiner-ModularAttenuator Assembly698-270019" Rack
DAS-A316 Channel low PIM HP AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly698-385019" Rack
DAS-A90Combiner-4x3Combiner Assembly698-270019" Rack
DAS-B114x1 AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly698-6000Chassis
DAS-A73Divider-DC blocked 2 WayDivider Assembly380-2700Tray
DAS-A918X Wilkinson DividersDivider Assembly617-270019" Rack
DAS-B398X 2 Way Power DividersDivider Assembly500-600019" Rack
DAS-B5720 Channel AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly850-260019" Rack
DAS-B60Dual C Band CombinerCombiner Assembly350-600019" Rack
DAS-B532X 8 Way DividerDivider Assembly698-270019" Rack
DAS-B2418X 2 WAY AND 6X 3 Way DividersDivider Assembly617-270019" Rack
DAS-B464 Channel HP AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly400-600019" Rack
DAS-B478X 3x3 CombinerCombiner Assembly698-270019" Rack
DAS-B4512 Channel AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly400-600019" Rack
DAS-B5816X 2 Way DividerDivider Assembly0.5-600019" Rack
DAS-A398 Channel DAS AttenuatorsAttenuator Assembly698-2700Chassis
DAS-B50Combiner-DiplexerCombiner AssemblyPCS-AWS-BRS19" Rack
DAS-A328X 4 Way Power DividersDivider Assembly698-215519" Rack
DAS-A678X 2 Way DividerDivider Assembly600-270019" Rack
DAS-A574X 100 Watt LoadTermination Assembly600-400019" Rack
DAS-A3616X 2x2 HybridsCombiner-Hybrid Assembly698-270019" Rack
DAS-B652 X 2:1 HybridCombiner-Hybrid Assembly698-270019" Rack
DAS-B28Multi Channel AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly400-600019" Rack
DAS-A61Attenuator 3-30dBAttenuator Assembly350-6000DIN Rail Chassis
AT-A073 Channel 160 WattAttenuator Assembly400-290019" Rack
DAS-A388 Channel AttenuatorAttenuator Assembly698-2700Chassis

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