DC Blocks for Wireless Applications

Specializing in High voltage inner and outer DC Blocks

RD Microwaves designs and manufactures DC Blocks specializing in very high voltage, broadband, low PIM with low insertion loss RF performance. RD designs and manufactures the capacitor elements. DC blocks are Carefully designed to reduce or eliminate bi-pass DC leakage, especially in hostile type environments where high static voltages may be present that can damage sensitive radio or electronic assemblies that are in leaky transmission line systems. Inner-out blocks for these applications are provided with custom mounting provisions to prevent outer dielectric conduction due to contamination. Applications also include patient sensitive medical equipment were personnel safety is of the utmost importance and includes the design and manufacture of ‘special’ and unique capacitor elements to reliably withstand high voltage while maintaining optimum RF performance.

ProductTypeConnectorsStart Frequency (MHz)Stop Frequency (MHz)
DC-A06DC shunted InnerDIN8002500
DC-A20Monitor TeeN7002700
DC-A19High Voltage Inner-Outer DC blockN23502550
DC-A33Inner-OuterDIN, 4.3-103762700

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