Terminations for Wireless Applications

RD Microwaves specializes in the design and manufacturing of rf/microwave loads intended primarily for low PIM DAS systems and test equipment. In all cases, the terminations are made with long lengths of low PIM cable that provides insertion loss resulting in excellent VSWR/return loss while absorbing the majority of the input power.

The termination is normally supplied with a 50 Ohm impedance cable that is terminated with an open circuit resulting in total reflection at RF frequencies and an “open ‘ at DC.. The typical Return Loss is very high at low MHz frequencies with a good Return Low starting approximately 400 MHz and getting increasing better with increasing frequency. In some cases. These cable terminations are not rated down to DC like resistive types that are also high PIM.

The following table lists terminations that have been provided as both standard and custom made units, with various connector types and conduction, convection, or forced air cooling. Terminations of this type are typically used to terminate the unused ports for hybrid combiners , couplers, antennas, and for mobile and lab test purposes in individual, rack mount, and other packages made to order.

ProductTypeConnectorsStart Frequency (MHz)Stop Frequency (MHz)Power (W avg.)
TA-A99Spool, miniatureNEX10600600010
CK-A09Low PIM Cal KitDIN, 4.3-10, N300600040/2
TA-A50Portable Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N6986000250
TA-A83Two Connector Field TestDIN, 4.3-10, N600600060
TA-A150Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N3806000150
TA-A38Spool Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N, SMA, NEX10698600075
TA-A60Spool Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N350600060
TA-A82Field Test Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N270600010
TA-A86DC BlockedN40027002
TA-A95Two Connector Field TestDIN, 4.3-10, N617600010
TA-A90Spool Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N1506000200
TA-A54Spool Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX10600600050
TA-A81Two Connector Field TestDIN, 4.3-10, NEX10600600040
TA-A100Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N6006000100
TA-22XXSystem and Test Type Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX10380600020
TA-2XXNo PIM SpecDIN, 4.3-10, N060002
TA-A57Spool Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX10350600040
TA-A40System Type Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX10380600040
TA-A19Lab Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N3506000100
TA-A85Spool Low PIMDIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX10380600010

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