Terminations for Wireless Applications


The Model TA-A83 field test termination is supplied with various optional connector configurations including DIN, 4,3-10 and NEX10

Two connectors or typically supplied wtih male and female to eliminate the need for additional connector adapters.

It is conservatively rated for 60 watts of continuous power and can be used of both PIM and Sweep testing of in building cabled systems.

A convenient carry lanyard is supplied with the unit, along with a brass RFI
 connector cap that can be used on either unused port.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Type: Two Connector Field Test
Connectors: DIN, 4.3-10, N
Start Frequency (MHz): 600
Stop Frequency (MHz): 6000
Power (W avg.): 60
Return Loss (dB typ): 24
PIM (dBc, max): 160
Industry: DAS
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