Bulkhead Panels

Bulkhead panels are generally used for in-building systems, as a demarcation interception point between carrier and in-building DAS systems. Multiple cable connection points are provided in rack mount panels as test points that are readily accessible to determine signal quality between service providers. Listed below are configurations of panels that are available with various RF connectors from 6 connectors per 1RU panel up to 52 connectors in a single panel. All panels are PIM rated and 100% tested. In addition to the traditional 19 inch standard rack mount panels, offset panels with cable clearance to the front of the rack to prevent cable damage where space is limited. Ladder top type bulkheads are also shown. Bulkhead panels shown are representative of a larger number of panels that are available, and custom configurations are available as may be needed.

Common Specifications:

  • Connector types - 4.3-10, DIN 7-16, SMA, QMA or any other coax connector configuration.
  • Mounting - Rack Mount Flat, Set Back or any other requirement.
  • All bulkhead panels: 0-6000 MHz, -165 dBc PIM

Partial listing. Consult factory for complete list of existing models, or customize to your requirements.

Product# of ConnectorsPanel TypeSupplied ConnectorsRack Unit Height
DAS-A926Set Back4.3-10 (F-F)1RU
DAS-A9418Set Back4.3-10 (F-F)3RU
DAS-A9524Set Back4.3-10 (F-F)4RU
DAS-A9312Set Back4.3-10 (F-F)2RU
DAS-A4612Flat7-16 (F-F)2RU
DAS-A8712Flat4.3-10 (F-F)2RU
DAS-B0152Flat4.3-10 (F-F)7RU
DAS-B0630Flat4.3-10 (F-F)4RU

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