Unequal | Tapper | Divider


The ‘Tapper’ was originally invented and patented in 2006 by RD Microwaves’ owner, Marek Antkowiak. It was described as a non-directional tap, also known as an unequal splitter/divider, with an objective of becoming a low-cost, high-volume, wideband, low-loss solution for DAS systems. In time, the tapper became the internationally used product for virtually all DAS communications systems for widespread and worldwide commercial use. RD Microwaves has continued producing the original unequal power tapper (splitter or tapper) and has introduced new versions for the expanded use for both passive and active systems including a smaller size where space is at a premium.

All are designed, assembled, and tested at RD Microwaves facility in New Jersey, USA in the frequency range 100-6000 MHz for DAS systems in standard and custom configurations and subassemblies. A typical installation utilizes the tappers for up- and down-link connections to multiple fixed antennas with evenly distributed power using tappers supplied in 1 dB increments. A new unique DC-pass unequal series for biasing active circuits in all paths are also available in addition to the original tapper series that has an RF-AC coupled path.

IBWAVE VEX files are available and custom configurations are routinely provided upon request.

ProductDescriptionConnectorsStart FrequencyStop FrequencyCoupling (db nominal)
UD6-A01Dual OutputDIN, 4.3-1060060003-20
UD-XXXTraditionalDIN, 4.3-10, N38027005-30
UD-A11A-XXDC PassDIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX103509605-13
UDDC-A14-XXDC Pass for CellualarDIN, 4.3-10, N82419953-20
UD6-XX (Mini)MiniatureDIN, 4.3-10, N, Nex1060060005-40

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