Unequal | Tapper | Divider

Unequal Dividers or "Tappers" split communication signals at different ratios. A typical application is to balance the signal to a fixed-point antenna at multiple locations. In a distributed antenna system (DAS) the transmission cable to the antenna may be at different distances from the source. Using the unequal divider balances the signal strength to each antenna.

ProductConnectorsStart FrequencyStop FrequencyCoupling (db nominal)
UD-A09-XXN15010005 - 30
UD-A11A-XX (DC Pass)N/7-16/4.3-10/NEX103509605 - 13
UD-XXXN/7-16/4.3-1038027005-30 dB
UDDC-A14-XX (DC Pass)N/7-16/4.3-1082419953 - 20
UD6-XX (Mini)N/7-16/4.3-10/Nex1069860005 - 40
UD6-35, UD6-40N/7-16/4.3-10/Nex10100600035, 40

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