DC Blocks for General Applications

RD Microwaves designs and manufactures DC Blocks specializing in very high voltage,  broadband , low PIM with low insertion loss RF performance . RD microwaves designs and manufactures the capacitor and inductor elements that enables rapid custom design and manufucturing for specialized applications and performance. Applications also include patient sensitive medical equipment were personnel safety is of the  utmost importance and includes the design and manufacture of ‘special’ and unique capacitor elements to reliably with stand high voltage while maintaining optimum RF performance.

In addition to the traditional inner or inner and outer DC blocks, Monitor/Bias Tees are also designed and manufactured for both standard and custom applications.

Examples given below are a limited sampling of products that have been produced. Consult the factory for more information.

ProductTypeConnectorsStart Frequency (MHz)Stop Frequency (MHz)
DC-A29Monitor TeeN450550
DC-A28Monitor TeeN512746
DC-A32UHF Inner DC BlockN450550
DC-A20Monitor TeeN7002700
DC-A23VHF/UHF Monitor/Bias TeeN88470

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