Custom and Standard Bulkhead Connector Panels

05 Dec, 2023

Female to female through panel connectors are supplied mounted in a selection of panel types and connectors to fit custom configurations or simple flat panels.

Customer configurations may include ladder top mounts or “offset” rack mounts which recess the connection points further back from the front face, to help prevent interference with cables where space limitations or personnel movement is restricted, such as in a closet or closed area. 

Panel sizes are typically 1RU to 6RU in height for standard 19 inch rack mount applications with as few as 6 to as many as 52 connectors on single panel.

Connector types from stock are most commonly 4.3-10, 7-16 DIN, Type N, SMA , or QMA , but other connector types are available.

All connectors are made with low PIM materials.

These panels are useful in separating multiple wireless service providers to your neutral host DAS. By consolidating the system connections to one point, our connector panels enable a clean installation separating system ownership.

Customize your panel to meet your rack specifications with any of the popular coax connector types.