600-6000MHz Low PIM, Low Cost NEX10 Attenuator with Flexible Mounting Options

07 Nov, 2023

RD Microwaves has been supplying low cost solutions for rapid deployment of DAS systems that require custom attenuation levels determined in the field and needed for quick delivery.

The solution has been to use low PIM cable as the attenuation element with predetermined cable lengths for accurate attenuation levels at center frequencies of the Radio bands for each application.

Cables are packaged in housings with connectors or a short cable where mounting options are limited.

Accuracy of attenuation is determined by the bandwidth of the application and calibration and accuracy is usually specified at a fixed or narrow band. Attenuation curves are provided upon request to clearly define change of attenuation value with frequency. For more information, review the data sheet for model AT-A90 in the attenuation section.