1-10GHz 500 Watt Dual Directional Coupler

02 Jan, 2024

RD Microwave's model C2-A95 coupler has 40 dB forward and reverse coupling sections with high directivity between couplers to provide for accurate forward and reverse coupling values. This is a true two couplers in one package, not a bidirectional single coupler without directivity. Along with the exceptionally low insertion loss, the units is ideal for use in high power broadband amplifier circuits to accurately monitor the forward output power and the external load reflected power as a result of the external load conditions presented to the coupler. Search for model C2-A95 for complete specifications and contact the factory for any additional test data and more information.

Our model C2-A95 provides excellent performance from 1 to 10 GHz.  The patented taperline design exhibits flat coupling performance over the full band with extended performance down to 300 MHz. The unique tapered coaxial airline is capable of handling average power up to 500 Watts, with less than 0.2 dB of mainline insertion loss. Perfect for simultaneously measuring forward and reflected signals.