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UD-A09 Unequal Power Dividers (re-active splitters) are designed to meet the transmission requirements of public safety radio applications. These tappers utilize a unique airline distributed capacitor construction that provides the lowest insertion loss, input VSWR, high power, and exceptional low PIM performance.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Connectors: N
Start Frequency: 150
Stop Frequency: 960
Coupling (db nominal): 10
Split ratio (main:coupled): 9.0:1
Mainline Loss (db max)
(Includes Coupling Loss):
Return Loss (dB min): 150-450 MHz: 26.2
450-850 MHz: 25.1
850-960 MHz: 25.4
Power, input (W avg): 200
PIM (dBc max): -160
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