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R&D Microwaves' Unequal Power Dividers, (re-active splitters), utilize a unique airline distributed capacitor construction that provides the lowest insertion loss, input VSWR, high power, and exceptional low PIM performance. The coaxial connectors are flange mounted to the housing body with O-rings to achieve an IP67 environmental rating. Mounting brackets and screws are supplied for easy wall mounting applications. All units and are 100% tested to assure PIM spec compliance.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Connectors: N/7-16/4.3-27
Start Frequency: 380
Stop Frequency: 2700
Coupling (db nominal): 28
Split ratio (main:coupled): 631:1 / 28 dB
Mainline Loss (db max)
(Includes Coupling Loss):
Return Loss (dB min): 698-960 & 1710-2700MHz: 20
350-5850MHz: 20
Power, input (W avg): 300
PIM (dBc max): -160
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