Hybrid Coupler


Hybrid combiner for public safety bands with 35-40 dB isolation between ports. This unique combiner allows for unequal power combining in the low frequency UHF band. It provides a 2 dB insertion loss through one path and 4 dB in the second path. This allows higher power transmitters to combine equally with a lower power transmitter. Optional external loads are available in a wide range of power levels, if needed, for 1x2 or 2x1 applications. Normally supplied with Type N connectors, and with other standard connector options. The Model HD-B16 is also suitable for applications that require excellent low PIM.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Input Connectors: N/4.3-10
Output Connectors: N/4.3-10
Start Frequency (MHz): 450
Stop Frequency (MHz): 2700
Coupling (db): 450-512 MHz: 4.4 ±1.0
600-698 MHz: 3.1 ±1.0
698-2700 MHz: 3.1 ±0.6
Isolation (dB min): 450-512 MHz: 35
600-2700 MHz: 30
VSWR (max): 450-512 MHz: 1.06
600-2700 MHz: 1.12
Power per channel (W, avg): 200
PIM (dBc, max, 2 x +43dBm): -160
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