Directional Coupler - Single


C1-C88 Series of single directional couplers are wideband, high performance RF branching components. It covers the full commercial wireless bands including 5G CBRS band (3550-3700 MHz) and LAA band (5150-5925 MHz). Typical applications include signal sampling for radio performance, distributing bi-directional signals in antenna systems (DAS), and RF product test beds. Mounting bracket included on all models.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Coupling (dB): 20
Main Connectors: N/4.3-10
Coupled Port: N/4.3-10
Start Frequency (MHz): 555
Stop Frequency (MHz): 6000
Flatness (±dB): 1.35
Mainline Loss (db max)
(Includes Coupling Loss):
Isolation (dB min): 555-2700 MHz: 35
2700-3800 MHz: 38
3800-4900 MHz: 36
4900-6000 MHz: 30
VSWR (max): 555-2700 MHz: 1.20
2700-3800 MHz: 1.25
3800-6000 MHz: 1.30
Power (avg W): 300
PIM (dBc, max, 2 x +43dBm): -165
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