Directional Coupler - Single


Model C1-B12 is one of RD Microwave’s unique taperline products for flat broadband coupling. The unit uses a continuous tapered coaxial airline construction. The air dielectric and solid conductors are associated with higher power applications and low insertion loss. The C1-B12 is designed and processed for excellent low PIM performance. This model can be configured in any combination of SMA and/or N connector.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Coupling (dB): 30
Main Connectors: N(f)/SMA(f)
Coupled Port: N(f)/SMA(f)
Start Frequency (MHz): 500
Stop Frequency (MHz): 18000
Flatness (±dB): 1-18 GHz: 0.8
Mainline Loss (db max)
(Includes Coupling Loss):
Directivity (db): 15
VSWR (max): 1.35
Power (avg W): 400
PIM (dBc, max, 2 x +43dBm): -160
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