Directional Coupler - Single


The Model C1-A60D Single Directional Coupler Series covers applications in the 400 - 13,000 MHz frequency range with high power, low insertion loss, very high directivity, and excellent PIM performance that is inherent with airline coaxial design and construction. The unit is designed for mode free performance up to 13 GHz. The unique multi-section suspended coaxial construction yields the lowest possible insertion loss with high power handling. The C1-A60D Directional Coupler is available in coupling values from 5 dB to 30 dB.  Model choices of N-type connectors, DIN 4.3-10, and SMA connectors.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Coupling (dB): 5 to 30 (see data sheet)
Main Connectors: N/4.3-10/SMA
Coupled Port: N/SMA
Start Frequency (MHz): 400
Stop Frequency (MHz): 13000
Flatness (±dB): ±0.2 aver any 20 MHz band width
Mainline Loss (db max)
(Includes Coupling Loss):
Varies with Coupling & Frequency (see data sheet)
Directivity (db): Varies with Coupling & Frequency (see data sheet)
VSWR (max): Varies with Coupling & Frequency (see data sheet)
Power (avg W): 500
PIM (dBc, max, 2 x +43dBm): -160
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