Wide-band Directional Coupler 400 MHz – 13000 MHz

24 Jun, 2020

RD Microwaves' directional coupler series, C1-A60D, is a specialty wide-band high-performance coupler. It is a multi-section coaxial airline which is capable of high-power use, delivering low insertion loss, very high directivity and excellent PIM performance. It is ideal for precision measurements in laboratory or test set-ups. 

The wide-band design makes it perfect for signal monitoring in many applications including radar and SATCOM testing and 5G mobile communications test beds. Low PIM makes it suitable for multi-band systems and antenna sharing of multiple transceivers. The C1-A60D directional coupler is available in coupling values from 5 dB to 30 dB with model choices of N-type connectors, DIN 4.3-10, and SMA connectors.

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