Thermally Stable 250 Watt, Low PIM Attenuator

29 Sep, 2021

AT-A69 Attenuator 400-13000 MHz 

The AT-A69 is our 250 Watt Attenuator designed for low-PIM high-power base station amplifier testing in a laboratory or production setting. It has broadband application that covers the most popular communication frequencies.

Integrated with our patented air line directional coupler it provides thermally stable attenuation over full power application. Excess power is dissipated into a low-PIM cable load encased in a convection air cooled chassis. The inherent structure provides robust protection from overpowering conditions such as a short or open connection. Attenuator values of 10 dB, 20 dB and 30 dB are available. Includes 6-foot power cord to power a cooling fan (North American or European versions available).