Custom DAS attenuator shelf for Canada’s largest real estate project

08 Sep, 2020

RD Microwaves is a critical partner in both the US and Canadian distributed antenna system markets as we know the close level of cooperation needed to make DAS installations a success. Just recently we were asked to design a custom DAS subassembly for one of Canada’s largest commercial real estate projects located in downtown Toronto.

This custom shelf and sliding bracket assembly was designed to mount 16 of our low-PIM 6 Ghz unequal dividers (UD6) and 20 W terminations (TA-22) with custom quick connect/disconnect right angle adapters to ease installation in this tight space.

The first units were built and shipped within one month from PO date, with RD Microwaves providing continual support to meet the challenging form/fit/function requirements in these types of installations.